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Submitted on
May 26, 2011


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Commissions - OPEN

Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2011, 3:56 AM


Probably you've seen I've activated the new commissions widget, but I prefer if you skip it and directly send me a note and send the payment as usual so you don't have to pay more money for the same work.

SLOTS (0/3)

These are the prices for my drawings and illustrations. If you're interested please send me a note or an e-mail.

1. What I accept:
- Original characters
- Fanart
- Erotic and hentai content
- Kawaii, Gothic, Pop, Romance, Religious themes, Battles, Scenaries, Landscapes...
- Digital realistic portraits
- Manga caricatures of real life people
- Chibis
- Comic pages (Colour and black&white)
- Based on photography illustrations (Realistic or manga style)
- Anything you can imagine, just let me know.

Also if you're interested, I accept commissions on:
- Photography
- Dolls make-up (Pullip, DAL, BJD... More information here:…
- Traditional illustration and painting (Watercolours, Ink, Acrylic, Oil, colour pencils...)

2. What I don't accept:
- Gore or extreme violence
- Scatological
- Tracing or remaking other artists drawings
- Hatred content and character bashing
- Racism or anti-Semitic content (any religion)
- Political content

3. Payments must be done with paypal, after the drawing is finished for sketches and lineart. You will have to pay 50% before when I have to colour it and the final 50% when it's finished.

4. I work and ask for money in euros. So if you live outside Europe, the price will vary depending on your country's coin value. You can check to convert euros into dollars.

5. I will upload a watermarked copy to my DA gallery or webpage as a commission example. (Unlesh you prefer me not to do it, in that case you just have to tell me)


:bulletblue:Option 1: Just sketch
- Each character: 10€

:bulletpurple:Option 2: Just Lineart (Ink)
- Each character: 25€

:bulletblue:Option 3: Colour
- 1 character: 50€
- Couples: 90€
- Groups (Max. 5 characters): 40€ per character

- Plane or simple background: Free
- Scenary, room, landscape: 30€

:bulletpurple:Option 4: Black and white (Manga tones)
- 1 character: 40€
- Couples: 70€

:bulletblue:Option 5: Comic pages and panels
I'm not always able to work on this kind of commissions. Please write me to ask if I have time, since comic pages require lots of time to be drawn.

- 1 Page (Colour or black&white): 50€
- Pack 5 colour or b&w pages: 200€
- Pack 15 pages (Only b&w): 400€

:bulletpurple:Option 6: Chibis
- Each chibi: 30€

When you pay you will recieve a copy file from the original in TIFF so you can print it on A4 size without watermarks (The ones I use on Deviantart). If you want the original PSD file, you will have to pay an extra for it (The prices depend on the characteristics of the drawing you asked for)


Commission - King Gesar by Prettio
For :iconbagdalog:

Commission - Shinichi x Ran by Prettio
For :iconzosuruwolfgirl87:

Commission - Ohanzee by Prettio Commission Luna and Xellos by Prettio
For :icondjwaglmuffin:

Commission - Mandy by Prettio
For :iconmandeh:

Commission - Fly by Prettio Commission - Seby by Prettio
Commission - Zoey by Prettio
For :iconkittizak:

Commission Disgaea - Prier by Prettio
For :icontira-chan:

Comm - Five shades of white by Prettio
For Gigabahamut

Commission - TYRA OEIL-DE-LOUP by Prettio
For Marielouve

Hellmaster Phibrizzo by Prettio
For Sletia :iconsletia:

Commission - Pharoah by Prettio
For Pharoah

Commission - Gourry and Shadow by Prettio
For :iconshadowlegacy:

by harleshinn
  • Mood: Optimism
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Count me in on asking for a commission I'll note you with the pitch soon!
Prettio Nov 8, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Ok thanks! ^^
Sent you a note
I would like to reserve a slot for 1 character colored )
Prettio Nov 8, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yes it is possible ^_^
Si tuviera dinero, te pediría algo ;-;
Ya será para la otra =)
Prettio May 23, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Gracias aún así por interesarte ^^
Hi, I sent you an email, commission-related of course.
I'd buy something from ya but don't know what though since you're a terrific artist :)
I-Am-Your-Prince Aug 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, if I had money saved...maybe someday down the line. Plus, I need to learn how much the prices are cause sadly...I can't read that type of money ^^;

Nut you're an awesome artist, so I'd be willing to pay a decent amount :blowkiss:
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